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Testimonials on Seminars

Feedback from seminars in Sydney 2017  IMG-20171124-WA0002

"I'm so so happy that I attended The seminar. It was the most inspiring seminar I have been to and my level of understanding met on par the amazing level of enthusiasm and passion Dinesh has about Homeopathy. He's explanations and case taking was wonderful and so knowledgeable. He taught with passion and so humble. I walked away with vital steps to add to my being  a better Homeopath" Eleni Leontsini 

"Dinesh Chauhan’s ideas are inspirational. He is very creative and original and clearly explains his case taking method with fun and humour. He is a lovely man, very approachable and  always very careful to answer everyones questions." Rhonda Campbell

 "a very enjoyable and energising day, Dinesh shares his spontaneous, joyful and mischievous side,

and the warm fire of his enthusiasm is catching" Linda Beaver 

IMG-20171124-WA0003  I really enjoyed this speaker very much.Dinesh is teaching us not just case taking, but case witnessing, a slightly deeper approach. Dinesh is very spiritual, holistic and yet still has a good sense of humour. He is an entertaining speaker, yet does not loose himself in waffle but actually teaches different methods of approach when trying to look for a remedy." Pia Lehmann






"For all students and practitioners of homeopathy, when a teacher as calm, focused, gentle, highly accomplished and sharp as Dr. Dinesh Chauhan comes along to teach, learning becomes a joyful experience. In Dr. Chauhan's seminar we can expect to understand the technique of scientifically intuitive, patient-centric case-witnessing process in which the patient has complete freedom to explore his own inner landscape. In three distinct steps of this beautiful process of unfolding, we can discover a true simillimum as well as a suitable potency in the most logical and scientific manner and understand our patients in true totality." Vatsala Sperling MS, PhD, PDHom, CCH, RSHom (NA)


Feedback from seminars in Australia 2015

"I was happy also to see the depth from which your homeopathic wisdom has emerged from it is truly holistic and feels very right within me and inspires me to dig deeper within myself... I have always enjoyed my learning experiences with u but I received much more this time. So much gratitude to you for your contributions to the scientific healing art homeopathy." Fiona Provan (Australia)

"Decided to use Dr Dinesh method with a new client after the seminar for the first time. I have used sensation but badly before I think. The beauty of passive case witnessing is that you don't have to do anything at all!... It goes to the core of your own confidence to do this... Most of the work had been done and I could soon go home and make myself a Berocca. Happy days. .... It is really quite fascinating what happens when you just sit there with an interested look and don't ask any questions. Four questions in one hour, and virtually not a single word. Just affirmatory noises. It was fascinating...It is just a beautiful little case came out of this process. It is so complete, so whole, just so positive: )" Participant from Australia seminar


Feedback from seminar in Hamburg, Germany, November 2014


What will you take home from this seminar?

Giving space, waiting during case taking

Calmness and presence, trust in the method

Lots of good spirit and motivation

Unconditional love, connecting to the soul, trust the process

Inspiration for case taking: passive and active

Trust in the work, courage and inspiration, joy with the work, material medica knowledge of stones

What do you appreciate most?

Case witnessing, opening up and the therapist as the simillimum

Case taking process, Materia Medica of Stones

Getting to know the method and  especially the case examples. Live-case was super- seeing and feeling how things can work

The masterkey, the center of the case, intuition and science

The combination of sensation method with exact knowledge of material medica and repertorium; to adapt the method according to the individual case

Respect and mindfulness in communication with the patient, openness


Meeting Point - WISH Congress 2014 - Review-

Review by Veronique Jack
Dr Dinesh Chauhan’s case of a boy who wouldn’t speak was a major tour de force as we watched this tortured teenager slowly emerge through Dinesh’s clever and gentle coaxing; he was able to gain the boy’s trust by literally mimicking his gestures and attitude in a “scientifically intuitive case witnessing process.” The boy felt so liberated that he didn’t want the consultation to end! This was proof yet again that new methods and traditional wisdom applied together can create remarkable results; the patient received Stramonium, it having become clear in the course of the casetaking that the recurring problem was one of becoming absolutely frozen in terror, to the point of being unable to utter a single word. Dinesh’s other video case showed us how much fun can be had in the consultation when one is truly present to a child’s vital energy and able to enter into close resonance with it!
Feedback from Norway  Sensation seminar (November 13)-

"Nice to see live case-taking, and at the same time videos with cases at different levels and stages gives a nice insight into Dinesh’s work."

"I am in bewildered awe for the way Dinesh works and conveys the material. Many pieces of the puzzle fell in place when things were said in a simple and good pedagogical way, not the least how you can use different approaches and methods adapted to each child. I will never forget colors and the octopus case : ) And not the least … what a profession!!! I am full of inspiration for continued work and education in the world of homeopathy."

"Thanks for educative and inspiring days and a well carried through seminar. Seminar notes! Luxury."

"This has inspired me to want to work with homeopathy again. I look forward to the continuation and would very much like it to be with Dinesh. Thank you!"

"So good to learn a specific method to interview children. We need this kind of stuff! At least those of us who are newly educated :) The video cases were really good. Clearly the best way to learn, to see something in practice. I can’t pinpoint anything that should have been different..."

"Assessment of the seminar: Specific and directly transferable to practice. A new dimension and approach to which appealed to me."
"I was very inspired by Dr. Dinesh. He conveys confidence and simplicity in case-taking. His possesses considerable knowledge about method and material medica. I was impressed....... Thank you for an unforgettable experience!"
"The live case was so successful for us all, but especially for the patient. Dinesh is an inspiring lecturer. He keeps us attentive all the time, with his knowledge, wisdom, insight and humor."

"Fantastic with such good notes, we can just sit and absorb during the seminar!"

"Thank you for starting this post-graduate education, not just scattered single seminars, but a series of seminars which are connected! Thank you once again for inspiration to dive into these subjects!"

"Really good seminar! As I’ve never been to seminars using the sensation method and therefore have fossil knowledge, it is comforting to come into this world because the approach, the method itself and the ambitions for homeopathy harmonize very well with my own experiences and idea is to improve the quality, homogeneity and the scientific way in which we homeopaths work. It is particularly good that Dinesh shares from his development and does not just present himself as infallible."

"The seminar was really good, I would like to just go on and on. It is nice to return back home with increased energy and enthusiasm. And with a hope that there will be a next time. You are doing a great job and Dinesh is so skillful, nice and fun. The live case made an impression. I participated last year too, and it was just as nice."
"First of all this was a really good seminar. Dinesh engaging, his ability to connect with patients, his knowledge – interesting and inspiring."
Feedback from Minessota Sensation seminar (Oct 13)-

·         Here I am sitting at the Minneapolis airport and reflecting back on the

wonderful week I had. Dinesh leaped light years since the last time I saw him. He is just getting better and better and better. The depth with how he experiences homeopathy is amazing and his teaching was crystal clear. I think he has bypassed everyone!

                                                                   -Marina Braun, CCH RShom (NA) USA


·     Regarding my feedback on the course:  It's difficult to express the depth of feeling that I have.  My respect for you is huge.  I have been to India twice and MN 3 times in order to learn from you.  You understand how to make this beautiful process as simple and elegant as possible and then communicate that in language than anyone -- regardless of their level of awareness -- should understand and make usable.  I have had many ah ha moments listening to you.


Each time I see you, I learn something more advanced and can't think of a thing that could be better than that.  The members of the groups you teach, will get what they need as individuals, as you so eloquently eluded to on the last day.  You are evolving and your approach to case taking mirrors that.  It's beautiful to watch, especially compared to other homeopathic teachers whose evolvement appears to me to be more lateral than deep.   

                                                                   - Barbara Lowry, DSH, CCH (NJ-USA)

 Feedback from Hamburg Sensation seminar (September 13)- 

 "It gave us many new ideas, there is a better understanding, structure, lot of motivation + enthusiasm for the sensation method."

 "There is a Deeper understanding of holistic CWP due to the refined structure, along with the applicability seen in different kind of cases."

"Dinesh´s profound knowledge together with his easy, but very clear way of teaching. He taught us the understanding of the holistic symptoms a pivotal point of Homoeopathy."

"There  were thrilling cases  and the familiar atmosphere of the seminar with space for questions was an icing on the cake."


·         "You are the most incredible teacher. I have learned so much, and I love the SCIENCE. Homeopathy needs this desperately!  Homoepathy needs your thoughtfulness and deep consideration. I felt so lucky that you were able to come and teach our small group. 

Regarding Case Witnessing Process, It was one of the most moving experiences that I have had in many years, and has given me so much food for thought  It was a very powerful gift. Words cannot express the gratitude for the experience."                             -Pauletter- Boston USA

"This year was very special for those of us who had the honor to meet and learn with you. It was an intimate time that allowed for learning and healing in a very deep way."   -Barbara Krupp(MN, USA)

 " The content plus pacing were perfect. The mix of lectures and live case plus video cases was just right. I especially appreciate the lectures and discussions on theory. I found the instructive for how I practice plus inspiring personally. Each live case taking analysis plus remedy selection. It was useful to see a following up from a client who was finest seen by Dr Dinesh years ago plus see his progress.

·        Dinesh is amazing preacher, extremely knowledgeable, an extremely good teacher, not ego bound, an excellent practitioner / case taker.- Jackie Krammer

"   I really enjoyed this seminar, Dinesh s teaching is so precise and clear and his very responsive to questions and each person. I feel much more able to make the case witnessing process my own and to follow my own path as a homoeopath. Thanks so much Dinesh, and Kris and Dob, I know it was a work and I really appreciate that."- Joanne Thomas

Feedback from Online Advance  Course in Child Centric Case Witnessing [June 2013 to August 2013]

“Thanks for putting together this course.  It is bound to change my practice for the better, so that I can help many more children. … excellent theory and amazing case. I really enjoyed your second session on fears. It gave me a lot of new approaches for exploring them with the child as a gateway to the PQRS at the holistic level. Your child centered approach is bound to enliven my case receiving and lead to greater success in children's cases. The cases have been very interesting and useful examples of the method.
It is proving to be great refresher for the method, since we have not been to India for a seminar in quite some time. Thanks for teaching in the Webinar format. ” Bob Ullman (USA)

“it’s been a beautiful journey with you, learned so many news things, CWP and applying in children cases is a beautiful gift to the field  given by you, i enjoyed all the sessions, eagerly expecting and waiting for such online session in future” Dr.vijayalakshmi.A(Bengaluru, India)

“You are both doing a great job of making people feel welcome and cared for during the seminar. The clear focus of one session each on fears, drawing, and non- verbal gave me definite tools in each area that are very helpful. I love the questions "what fears don't you have?" and "what it is you most hope never to be afraid of?" I have toys in my office, but I was not using drawing at all with kids before this class!! And for non- verbal the idea of asking the parents specifically what the child does naturally at home -- to add to my observations in the office-- is also helpful.” Helga Fuller (Oragon, USA)

 “The entire course was superb! All the topics were well covered and the entire session was well structured. The clarity which Dr. Dinesh brings to the topic is amazing. I got to learn a lot from the course and am very thankful for the course.  The last session was great! You can tell the effort you all have put in the course to make it a success! Thank you.” Dr.  Vaishali (Maharashtra, India)

“It was a wonderful learning experience with case witnessing process. Thank you for sharing.” 
Kim Brown (USA)

“These two classes were amrita for me, the nectar of the course. I am now coming out from chaos and ‘things are getting coordinated’”. Mariana Caixeiro (Portugal)

“ I had a great time learning from you! I loved all the sessions, they were very interesting. I really like when Dinesh tells not only case taking, but philosophy. Please don’t stop with the courses! I already wait for a new to begin!”  Zsófi (Budapest, Hungery)

 “The advanced children course is very interesting, and I have learned a lot from the sessions with Dinesh, so thank you very much!” Martina Beilharz (Victoria, Australia)

“Thank you for another excellent, thought provoking session today Drs Chauhan. “

“The course is going on really well ....it's very nice and valuable to learn the step by step formulation with scientific principles in childrens' case taking...this is what I perceive from this course and I am learning that the every step taken in Case Taking has a firm reason/ an insight behind it, so that we can be double sure of it.  I can perceive a lot of hard works of yours and beyond that the base of your passion for children and case taking." Dr. Sarika Nanivadekar (Bangaluru,India)

 “I appreciate very much your webinar about children cases! I have learned a lot”

Dr. Pop Magdaléna, (Budapest, Hungery)

Feedback from Online Basic Course [Jan 2013 to March 2013]
“The course was excellent! Dinesh's teaching was clear, concise, all encompassing. His explanations and analogies helped bring difficult concepts closer to the light of understanding and his jokes and stories provided light relief and the chance to gather a mental breath before plunging back into the course again. I felt I had learned a lot from his excellent book but this course passed all my expectations and has given me a much better insight into the case witnessing process. i hope, in another 20 years of serious study and practice, to be able to take a case and prescribe with a degree of competence. I have loved this course. I have REALLY found Dinesh's course to be of great interest and benefit in my practice.” Sheryl Conran (United Kingdom)
“I am very much thankful for your course and am very glad for joining this course. I am implementing CWP in my daily practice which helps me to connect the dots in the case.”
-Sujata Gholkar ( MN, USA)
“the way you teach is applicable in a practical point, gives results and helps homeopathy not to be labyrinth through which only some could find an exit. So at the end all of us (homeopaths and our patients) have good results and satisfaction in our lives.” - Sonja (Serbia)
“Dear Dinesh, I can only say that every time your cases show that principles of case taking with your method bring unexpectable results. While I am listening it seems that the direction of the case is unknown, but at the end it gets to the core. This method can be done by any homeopath and the experience will be the same. My first steps in homeopathy always were under question mark. Is this for me? Because I thought that finding a remedy is an art for certain individuals. Thanks to your method I get my results. For now I have no suggestions, only gratitude for your help.” Sonja (Serbia)
“It was wonderful. Dr. Dinesh Chauhan was informative and clear in the seven layers of experience of practicing homeopaths, the differentiation of the Individualistic expression at the holistic level, the clear explanation of the seven levels of experience contributed by Dr. Sankaran, and the intensity of miasmic application. “ KIM BROWN (TEXAS) 
“I have found how to watch the two first courses. I have already watched the first one, it was very clear.  Examples with remedies are very illustrating and stay in mind. Thank you for your work and sharing it.” HANCZYK FLORENCE (Paris)
“Overall I believe your course is most excellent and all the work and love you all have put in shows up.” DEARING (USA)
“From the very first session, I have loved that you have interacted with us and always asked for our questions, so that I feel what you have to say takes account of where we are as learners.  The material you have chosen to show us, which you have talked through with us very carefully and then posted as notes for us, has been excellent and useful. I like too the interspersion of quotes from Rumi, your jokes (well, most of them …. only joking!), etc., which serve to enhance and expand the points you are making. The 2 cases you’ve shown us have been amazing.” ANNE BAKER (West midlands, UK)
“It has been very educative and very interesting for us. I congratulate for this effort.”

Feedback from Romania:

This is an example of how, by getting acquainted with Dr. Dinesh Chauhan's way of working with children, a homeopath's practice have been transformed - the work got easier, the results better and understanding of children deeper.


Feedbacks from webinar with Kim ilia 10nth August 2012:
“Great webinars for last couple. Thank u so much for putting them on.” Kim Lane,MD. Wellness Lane,LLC
“For me Dinesh takes homeopathy to the level of spirit and presence -inspiring me to be all the more in the moment in my case "witnessing".  There are no co-inky-dinkies”… Dearing USA

"I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and look forward to more from Dinesh. It is so hard to impart good information in such a short time frame, especially when the technology pinches some of your time, but Dinesh covered some good themes. I have heard Dinesh speak a few themes so the basics of his approach are not new to me but I really enjoyed the concomitant of 'healer heal thyself', where Dinesh suggests we use the times when we connect or clash with our patients to teach ourselves about our own strengths and weaknesses... Dinesh suggests that we should let the meditation on our patients be our own medication. I have already had chance to put that into action and it is very interesting indeed. Thanks Dinesh and thanks for putting on these webinars.." Joanne Greenland (Australia)

 Feedbacks  from Melbourne Seminar, Australia  2012  

“What an amazing opportunity attending the Dinesh Chauhan seminar in Melbourne proved to be. For three days I was completely engaged, Dinesh gave us very useful insights into the case taking process as well as answering many of the questions I had involving this method. He provided sound knowledge with a strong grounding, but managed to be very entertaining as well. It was great to meet other homoeopaths from around the country and share in a community with a common passion. I left the weekend very inspired and empowered to give my patients fulfilling treatment. I will definitely be at the next conference!”

“As we know it, homoeopathy is a way of healing that takes into consideration the whole person, paying attention to all areas/aspects of our patients. This is, to find the most similar remedy, the perfect match of remedy picture and patient picture.At last week’s seminar, Dinesh demonstrated to us this homoeopathic principle applied in the actual case-taking process in the most profound way. In his special, human centred way of taking the case, that is, in tune with the patient's pace, Dinesh finds access to the patient's very centre. Here he facilitates the pattern of the disturbed vital force to become more and more clear, palpable, and obvious; prescribing becomes easier and more correct.
Getting in contact with Dinesh's case-taking skills was very special to me, and of great value in finding ways to apply the healing potential that homoeopathy offers to the world in a more successful way.”  Martina Beilharz (2012, Melbourne, Australia)"

Feedbacks  from Pinnacle Seminars,  UK  2012 -

“– it transformed my approach to case-taking with children and it was wonderful to start putting what I’d learned into practice right away. I found a lot of the content was enormously valuable and inspirational and was very glad to have come”

Dinesh confirmed something that I have always thought the most important part of Homeopathy, the case taking, It is where the magic happens. For me this seminar was one of the best that I have been to because everything felt good, the speaker and the lovely people that attended. It was harmonious. Well done.”

 “Big thanks to Dinesh and the Pinnacle team – I really got a lot out of it – am much much much clearer about treating children now - I feel I finally understand the part the mother's pregnancy plays in all of this now... and more to the point how to fruitfully explore that experience (and how to go about treating problems in pregnancy as well).” 

“The best aspects of the seminar is that it inspired me to treat more children to know when to wait how to wait and frankly hope sometimes that my intuition worked as effectively as Dinesh’s does..”

 “I thought it was excellent with a great deal of useful, practical information. Dinesh guided us through the video cases very adroitly, so that the process and the remedy choice made sense.  However, I have some misgivings about how easy it will be when I try the passive case-taking myself to identify confidently what is “peculiar”! I came away feeling I had some clear processes and a workable framework to apply when taking a child’s case.”

 “I really would like to see him again for theory and cases…”


Feedbacks upon Dr. Dinesh's teachings:

"I have participated at homeopathy seminars and conferences with more than 50 different teachers over the past 25-30 years. The seminar on homeopathic treatment of children with Dinesh Chauhan was one of the very best ones." Petter Viksveen (President of ECCH, Norway)

"Dinesh is a highly engaging teacher with a vast amount of experience to share. Students always come away feeling inspired and full of new energy for their practice. He is a delight!" Mani Norland (Principal, The School of Homeopathy, UK )
Feedbacks of ABJF workshop by Drs. Urvi & Dinesh Chauhan, Feb 2012  

 "This was one of the best sessions in ABJF history. Truly inspiring!  CWP is really helping in all the cases I see now a day".... Read all 


Feedbacks of Pune Seminar, September 2011 

  •  "D.C. Style was simple yet powerful enough to penetrate inner self, definitely changing the thought process, helpful in healing the patient and the self…"Dr. Kirtiraj Vatkar
  •   Normal 0 false false false EN-IN X-NONE X-NONE " Very natural, honest, scientific way of explaining small, small details, the content is of supreme logic, free of manipulation and dramatization….Dr. Anagha Deshmukh.
  • Normal 0 false false false EN-IN X-NONE X-NONE "Seminar was full of knowledge, I used to think that practicing by classical method and that to sensation method is difficult, but after dr. chauhans lecture I am confident about practicing this way…" Dr. Priti Katkar Normal 0 false false false EN-IN X-NONE X-NONE    
  •  "the case witnessing in paediatric cases of course boosted up the confidence. Dr. Chauhan’s vast knowledge is inspiring…" Dr. Dipti Goenka 
  • "The main content of this seminar i.e. case taking is exactly what I wanted to know about more in detail, dr. dinesh chauhan sir has made my most doubts clear…" Dr. Ruta Shrikhande  
  • "dr. Chauhan is with such a huge conceptual knowledge of homoeopathy, awesome knowledge of materia medica, differentiation of remedies he has done, was really very helpful and easy to understand…" Dr. Kavita Jadhav
  • Read more... 
Feedbacks of Hamburg Seminar, June 2011 
  • "I like Dinesh´s teaching. He is such a humble person who allows things to arise from the group, being in the group himself, not behaving like the big master. It is a matter of humanity to deal with patients in this way. I am really happy with this seminar and will try to put everything into my practice."
  • "I want to say thank you for this beautiful seminar and I am grateful to have homeopathy."
  • "The seminar gives me a stimulus to go further within the system, to more fine-tuning and integrating of all observations."
  • "what I take home: Courage to wait; how to deal with the mother!!!"
  • "what I wish: 'more seminars like this one!'; 'I wish to meet you again.' "

  • "Such a wonderful experience of your 2days seminar... Your explanation skill & interaction with students are so wonderful... which attract & impress delegates, they completely forgot time limits of daily schedule. Its new experience for new generation.....your speech is important for classical homoeopath, junior & senior person of sensation method at once...you are such a such a "MASTER OF HOMOEOPATH" ...Best luck........"  Dr.Rajendra Shrimali...Kopargaon
  • "Everyone of us really had a great time with you. Many paticipants were amazed as they had the first glimpse of the system and couldnt stop talking about it even long after the session was over. Thank you very much Sir.....hope in near future we have many more seminars over hear"  Dr Ranjani lal (Vishakapattanam)
  • “Brilliant. A lot of hard work, much appreciated. Glad it all came good. Dinesh – very good despite broken foot. Jayesh also, …” Jenni Tree (U.K.)
  • "This was a fantastic seminar. Very well organized. I think Dinesh was excellent, I had never seen him prior and his teaching skills were very precise...".Marina Braun (USA)
  • "This seminar has been boundary-breaking and horizon-expanding. It has been the best homeopathic seminar I have ever attended...Dinesh has provided a thorough reproducible, teachable system of case-taking, and deepened the process of case-taking to one of case witnessing. He is a.." Doug Brown (USA) .....click here for more...
  • It is the first time I am listening to dr Dinesh. Now I know that I would never miss his teaching in Serbia.
  • Homeopathy becomes more and more clear for me.
  • Dinesh is an excellent teacher, clear, studious, systematic. He explains matter in an approachable way. He leaves the audience without doubts.
  • Fundamental, calm, detailed. I am deeply impessed with him and I like him as a teacher, as a homeopath and as a man....
  • It is amazing to see the true expressiveness of the child that comes out in this child-centric case witnessing approach...
  • I was very moved.  Seeing these children’s cases quite shook me to the core, and I am left with many deep impressions...
  • I can say with assuredness that my understanding is much deeper, and that your teaching in the meantime has become even more polished, and your words enter the consciousness in a straight and true form.. .click here for more..
If you wish to share your views or give a feedback for a seminar, then please Contact here.
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1)      D.C. Style was simple yet powerful enough to penetrate inner self, definitely changing the thought process, helpful in healing the patient and the self….Dr. Kirtiraj Vatkar
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1)      D.C. Style was simple yet powerful enough to penetrate inner self, definitely changing the thought process, helpful in healing the patient and the self….Dr. Kirtiraj Vatkar