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‘Swasthya’ is a Sanskrit word, coined of two components "SWA” (The being’) and STHA"(‘centered’), no word in English can define health to its fullest as SWASTHYA does- it means ‘Getting Centered to one’s own being’.


SWASTHYA means the Complete Health, Health to the Core, Health till the Vital center.

As a Homoeopath, our aim is not only to treat the physical illness alone but also to cure the whole - “Body – Mind” complex, cure “the Whole” so that patient can come to his center and can think, feel, perceive and sense from his healthy vital - center.


The whole disease process begins at the center of human being, it disturbs the vital center which then spreads to the mind, body and finally settles in the form of physical illness what Modern medicine doctors call ‘Diagnosis’. We as a homoeopath aim to heal this disturbed vital center of human being which in turn treats the complete phenomena of disease at mind, body and beyond mind and body.

In this process, patient starts improving from diagnosis which is at the outer most circles and then this improvement progresses towards the inner circle of mind and body and finally moves towards the inner most circle from where the whole disturbance arises which is nothing but his center.


At this point, patient is free of disease to the core, he enjoys his life to the core, as he is SWASTHA now, he has regained his SWASTHYA.

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At Swasthya Homoeopathic Clinic, we aim at bringing you close to your Healthy Vital being, so that you can enjoy your “SWASTHYA”. To achieve this aim, a Designer’s Approach is given to each and every patient both for their first consultation as well as their follow ups. According to Dr. Chauhan, a homoeopathic interview in its true essence is a designer’s approach – a special and individual fit for every individual body. It is a must as not only each individual is a unique body but so is his “Diseased self”. And to understand this “Diseased self” one is required to apply an approach that is equally unique and individualistic. With this approach of case interview, there is no scope for pre-defined monotonous questions answer sessions between the physician and his patient. In contrast the case interview is very unique for each and every patient. The length, style, art, pace and course of case interview differ from patient to patient. Hence the name - “Designer’s approach”.


With this Designer’s approach, Case Interview becomes an insightful journey for the patient wherein with each step of case interview, patient journeys deep within himself, gets aware about his pattern, sensation, his delusions, fears, thought process, reactions etc all on which he somehow got amiss thanks to hustles and bustles of daily busy life. Such kind of Case interview is truly a rewarding experience for the patient as it not only helps diagnostically to find the perfect drug but also offers a healing touch in itself.


Besides such individualistic approach of case interview for each visiting patients, special attention is paid behind the interiors and technologies at Swasthya Homoeopathic Clinic. Every inch of space at Swasthya Homoeopathic Clinic is designed keeping in mind what a patient needs and desires when s/he is out on his venture for healthy life; the consulting chambers are designed such that vent and pour happens naturally when the patient seats for his case interview - a must for healing to begin!

Swasthya Clinic offers :

warming presence of high skilled assistant doctors - ready to assist you in door or on phone

Collection of books - a core companion to bank upon in waiting room

Collections of healing music to sooth your senses while you wait

Noise proof consulting chambers - to offer confidential environment of your interview with Drs. Chauhan

Presence of  latest homoeopathic soft wears, computerized Repertories and Materia medica- to have an easy access to latest available reference material for medicine search.

Facilities such as high quality video cameras, computer systems, DVD system, high speed internet connectivity, web-cams, etc- to record and maintain minutest details of patient’s interview to avoid missing any vital information from interview.


[NOTE: All the patients are seen on prior fixed appointments in order to avoid waiting period and inconvenience to other patients.]

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Swasthya Video Consultation :

In its quest to cater best possible healing experience to its patients traveling or residing abroad, Swasthya Homoeopathic Clinic ventures into the world of Video conferencing; through which, now viewing and conversing with us during a consultation is no longer a dream for any patient located miles away.

Video Consultation is all about viewing live, exchanging live, and experiencing live

where the distance no longer remains a distance between our patients and us.
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Swasthya International Consultation :

Swasthya also boasts of seeing patients internationally. When Dr.Dinesh Chauhan travels abroad for various of his seminars, he also sees patients. Dr. Dinesh Chauhan has consulted patients internationally in countries like Denmark, Israel, Belgium, Bulgaria, Japan, Egypt, South Africa, The Netherlands, Serbia, etc to name a few.

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Life Is About Choices.... You Can :

Continue to ignore your symptoms, and experience a slow increase in discomfort, which will correspond to a decrease in your overall health.

Treat your symptoms with the latest drugs or painkillers and create a short-term relief and long-term damage to the rest of your body.

Listen to your body, and begin applying a holistic approach to wellness. Treat the whole being, not just the symptoms.


So the choice is yours...