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“I am a 4th year student of homeopathy in Austin, Texas USA.

Your new book, The Scientifically Intuitive Case Witnessing Process, was required reading this year - as we are being trained in the Sensation Method. I just finished it - and loved it.

It was so inspiring. It truly connected everything I love about homeopathy, everything that is awe-inspiring and miraculous - with a concrete methodology that one can follow, understand and duplicate. Amazing.” Lizzie Martinez (Texas, USA)


“book that I found very useful because it is a clear explanation of the method of how to achieve  this ability to reach the core of the patient. I am not still sure if I enjoyed more the explanations of Dinesh or the commentaries of Oomphoo. It was a wonderful idea to have the clarity of Oomphoo in this book.” Dr. Dairo Melo (Colombia)

Both books are what homeopaths need right now -- practical, how-to's." Barbara Lowry (USA)


"Dear Dinesh, the cases are excellent; and your persistence to get to the point - makes it easier than leaving the homeopath to think it through and maybe make a mistake. I like the colour of the pages and the brownish/ sepia-ness as it is easy on the eye - better than glaring white pages.I like Oomphoo as s/he is like you - questioning and childlike. So I think it brings it down from a highly technical level to the level where one can learn simply, like a child, but nonetheless scientific. The 'film' clips of the HG are a good idea. I like the clear Summary diagrams."

Jenni Tree

“This new book from his now seasoned hand, is a delight to read, for it is clear and insightful, and carries the reader along to remember perennial truths ….” (From foreword by Misha Norland)


“…profound insight explained in a simple way and presented systematically.” (From foreword by Harry van der Zee, Editor-in-chief of Homoeopathic Links)


"Dr.Dinesh Chauhan is a complete breath of fresh air in homeopathy. He is not only a wonderful synthesizer of classical giants and new waves, but a marvellous creator of the way of learning and practicing of homeopathy. This book is full of joy and open secrets of the case witnessing. It is a new must for homeopath." Masahiro Nagamatsu (Founder: School of homoeopathy, Tokyo, Japan)


"I am loving the clarity of concepts of the case witnessing process well documented in the book. I love the layout of the book. The boxes make things easy to go to when taking cases. Oompho keeps up with the playful spirit of the case witnessing process. Easy and effortless, yet scientifically intuitive. I am on page 64 yet and look forward to integrating more. What has made most difference in my practice is the SILENCE AND STILLNESS, NOT JUST VERBALLY BUT INSIDE. I am getting people to go to source in a manner that never happened before. So Thank you Dinesh, Urvi and Oompho. " Sujata Owens RSHom (NA), CCH, HMC, DHMS (India)Homeopathic Master Clinician and past President, Minnesota Homeopathic Association


“I have been thoroughly delighted by your book - and your Oomphoo comments! Thank you both so much for this little jewel. In some ways many of the things in it are not exactly new, but Dinesh has a way of laying bare the framework of an excellent consultation in such a way that it is clear and reproducible. Sometimes, at least in my experience, consultations just go so smoothly and miraculously, and the remedy just emerges of its own accord. But to do that consistently one must have clear guidelines, and your book provides exactly that."  Deborah Collins (Editor: Interhomeopathy online journal)

"Dear Dinesh, Urvi, and Oomphoo,

I am LOVING the new book. Just finished the second (Nat-sulph) case. It is extremely clear. Everything is laid out in such a lucid way....all the dots are connecting. It's wonderful to have this book with me, reinforcing and building on the teaching you shared with us. Thank you!!

Oomphoo, thank you for your playfulness, your light-hearted critiques, your added perspectives. You give the book a more conversational, fun tone. I suppose that some homeopathy books can become a bit dry, and you are a good antidote to that problem!

Urvi, the book is also beautiful to hold and to behold! I love the brown cover, the imaginative hand/face/ear picture, the artistic lay-out and easy-to-follow flow charts and diagrams. It's books like these that will slow civilization's conversion to all-digital media. There's something about holding a beautifully and artfully designed book in one's hands that's irreplaceable."

—Doug Brown CCH, RSHom(NA), FNP, Portland, Oregon, USA  


“No words to express the experience.  Really, thank you very much for writing such topics in your book- “Healing the Healer" and “A story of a Healer"… Dr. Ashish Mehta (Professor Bhavnagar Homeopathic Medical College)


"The only word in which i can describe the book is divine.... it is such a treasure of knowledge.....it is a tool that is going to change the life of so many physicians...the way in which you both have crafted every page of the book is but visible." Dr. Atul



"Dinesh´s art of case witnessing is like an Organon for the sensation method." Ulrike Schroeder (Hamburg) 


"Wow, it looks great. Love the cartoon character..." Rebecca Williams

"it is looking great" Olivier [Emryss Distributors]

 I especially like the language of the book and oompho too, it is very fresh, and very reader friendly the best part is that anecdotes and dohas in between and oompho make the book a little lighter to read ...” Dr. Rina Dedhia


As homeopaths, if we can create that Case Witnessing space; that place of attention, of trust and allowing, of simply being present with all that arises; then within that 'knowing field' healing may occur. For both patient and homeopath.

- Gwyneth Evans (New Zealand)

I am very excited that after such a long search for a practical and systematic tool regarding case taking, I am able to understand the patient on a deeper level and find a matching remedy, I have finally found what I was looking for ... and much more. The steps in the case taking process are so clear to me now. With this method, I always know where I am at and how to get back on track once I lose myself in the process.


Dinesh showed me how he had taken the method and distilled it into an effective, teachable, user-friendly and reproducible form. Also his book, which I have read and re-read a number of times, puts the whole process into a scientific context which made total sense homoeopathically. And it is immensely practical.

—Sigrid Keller (Westville, SA)

I have re-taken a number of my old cases and am so enjoying the process. I find that I am quite comfortable with the CWP itself. In most cases, I seem able to find the focus and then take it further in the Active and Active / Active phases. The nicest thing about this method is that it's so much fun! And it's exciting, because it does help bring out the individual person's experience so much more clearly.

—Sigrid Keller (Westville, SA)

"Through the art of case-taking, Dinesh patiently took everyone back by simplifying the process down to three parts. His concept of Passive / Active Passive / Active Active is quite possibly the easiest and most effective way we have ever been shown.

Dinesh also has the ability to reach across boundaries, closing the gaps between the many differing case taking methods, showing how we are all coming from the same place and all with the same aim."

—Fiona Provan & Madeleine McGrath (Brisbane, Australia)

"After this, I feel there was a breakthrough in my understanding. I finally got it! I do understand now why and where to put questions. I am much clearer about the level at which a patient is at a particular point—where to start the active case taking, etc."

—Rona Welson

"Thank you for this beautiful opportunity to see homoeopathy moving to the 'super-conscious state'! The step-by-step laws and philosophy also helped clarify the confusion that once was. This was an illuminating journey!"

—Ayelet Goshen

"Now, I have another vision about homeopathy. This is a new way of perception. A new way for understanding patients."

—Radu Sarandan Timisoara, Romania

"The thing that I felt strongest about was case taking, and it made an enormous difference. I am trying to listen to people better and make the experience of our meeting and opening of the soul the main issue."

—Yael Galor (Israel)

"The whole process of individualisation, where we come face to face with and contemplate each person deeply, is an act of ultimate trust in our patient. We trust and wait for that person to come to his center, trusting that our patient has the strength to do so himself. I cannot begin to explain how learning about this process of trust has moved me personally. The case is a personal journey not only for the patient, but it can also be one of great discovery for the homeopath, as well."

Japanese Participant from Haiku Seminar year 2010

"Healing the healer is an inspiring, new, promising, and splendid theme; it expresses our

possibilities ... Complete crystallisation of case taking (witnessing) phases."

Serbian Participants Aug 2010

• "Your systematic approach was very impressive. The case witnessing process made me realise that I can also walk on the path of homoeopathy with ease."

• "What matters to me is how I can be a lighthouse for patients & one thing for sure that I will keep in mind is the complete case witnessing process and giving my patients space."


• "I am so thrilled to know that homeopaths can do case witnessing along with witnessing themselves, which means that homoeopathic case witnessing heals both the patient and the healer."

• "My whole life has changed in the last one and half years. I have actually dropped all my mental clothes to witness the patients and myself as purely as possible."


"It's a really exiting, logical, patient-need orientated method. To focus on the patient's perception of his state is important. It's a simple, superior, and straightforward method that brings out the deepest core of the patient."


"The focus of Dinesh's teaching is on understanding the centre of the patient, and then applying homeopathic philosophy and method to find the similimum. He is well aware of the pitfalls of the homeopathic process, and he methodically teaches techniques to avoid them. He focused on my areas of difficulty and interest and, as a result, I feel that I have gained a deeper understanding of miasmatic theory and being the unprejudiced observer. More importantly, through this process I have seen how Dinesh's homeopathic techniques are applicable in a practical way."

—Fotini Babaletakis

Cape-town, South Africa

"You have made the whole 'Sankaran approach' accessible, practical, and useful. I feel that I can now apply the clear, simple techniques you have shared, and the philosophical principles behind those methods, to my cases. I now have the confidence and understanding that I lacked."

—Lize de la Rouviere


"Dr. Chauhan succeeded in showing us how "The Sensation method" could be practised in very easy and clear ways. Before his presentation, I had never seen this approach presented in a way that was so easy to understand."

—Boris Shoitov

Without good case taking we have nothing to build on, and one of Dr Dinesh´s strongest points is his ability to show how case taking is the most delicate and precious process, where you have to be aware at every moment."

—Kåre Troelsen, Classical Homeopath,


Copenhagen, Denmark

"If I were to pinpoint one single, simple aspect that has made the biggest impact on my practice, it is without doubt Dr. Dinesh's method of passive case taking or, rather, case witnessing. With this method, you will get a very clear understanding to know which symptoms and statements are central and which are just superficial expressions of the central issues on various levels. By using the passive case witnessing method the information is not "fished" out of the patient, but is allowed to flow out in a natural order."

—Kåre Troelsen, Classical Homeopath,


Copenhagen, Denmark

"It was the deepening understanding of the concept of witnessing that opened a door for me to start being able to discriminate between the refrain of the 'human story' (a collection of impressions and conditions collected through life's experiences) and the very particular and unique expression of the inner unease within a human soul in reaction to the human predicament. So it was a breakthrough for me to be able to hear the language of the kingdom just by being in the passive witnessing state. I particularly appreciate Dinesh's great efforts to present the sensation method in such a clear, systematic and yet spontaneous framework."

—Rebecca Williams


I could not wait for even a day when i got the book. I just read it cover to cover. The only word in which i can describe the book is divine.... (something that gods belong)..... it is such a treasure of knowledge.....it is a tool that is going to change the life of so many physicians...the way in which you both have crafted every page of the book is but visible....hats off....... lots of love.....

Atul Patwardhan


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