Review of final session of season 3 ABJF

Athato Brahma Jigyasa’s     

3rd season, Final session

18th, 19th Feb. 2012 at Manas Mandir, Shahpur

Topic of Discussion: Deep Pathological cases; Dissociation technique, its indication, advantage and application in cases; Reassessment of cases: -When and How

feb_2012_abjf_20120302_1875628268 In the final session of the 3rd season of the “Magic in Basic” workshop, the sophistic charisma of the human centric, individualized approach of the case witnessing process came alive in its true essence. We saw the melodrama of DIFFICULT CASES, RATIONAL PATIENTS AND CASES WITH STRUCTURAL PATHOLOGIES made simplified with the help of scientific and step in step approach of case witnessing process and the Dissociation technique. While it was fascinating to witness the Herring’s law of cure come alive during the case witnessing process in the form of exteriorization happening in cases what was equally mesmerizing was to know the healing offered by the case witnessing both to the patient  and the physician during the case interview!

Everyone dissociated from their own hesitancy and made the session very practical and application oriented by asking all possible doubts about their difficult cases which were answered by Dr. Chauhan to their satisfaction.

In this session the students and practitioners from every corner of the country viz. Vishakhapatnam, Tamilnadu, Baroda, Ahmadabad, Aanad, Nagar, Nashik, Mumbai, Pune, and Goa amalgamated to make believe that Athato Brahma Jigyasa is capable of following its vision of spreading roots of the Homoeopathic tree all over India, and making available a good wholesome learning for the students and practitioners who are eager to learn and practice true classical homoeopathy on Not-for profit base.

In the Two-day session a total of four video cases with their respective follow ups were discussed in relation to the above mentioned topics.

  • The case of Eczema came with diverse learning opportunity. How to tackle the case that keeps intellectualizing and giving reasoning to everything, use of the Dissociation technique in such case to reach their vital core was followed well through this case. Also, this case proved to be a classic example of the Herring’s law of cure coming alive in a case interview; we saw homoeopathic aggravation happening at one junction of case followed by healing amelioration at the another junction! In which patients such exteriorization happens, in what form it happens and the relation of its appearance with respect to patient’s level of experience were discussed by Dr. Chauhan.
  • The next case shown by Dr. Chauhan was a case of a little girl (eight year) with Benign tumor in her Frontal lobe of the brain. The challenge in the case was the unique style of case presentation; the girl was observed to be loquacious and spoke extensively about trivial issues of her life which proved to be the real unique feature about the child because for any questions that were being asked to her, her answer would reflect this UNIQUE PATTERN. The Passive phase of case really helped to understand this unique pattern of the child (to talk extensively about trivial matter). It was crystal clear in the case that if the Passive phase was not allowed, it was not difficult to miss the case. Again, the learning offered by the case were multifocal; the individualistic expression at the holistic level may come in the form of a unique pattern and not always as Sensation/non-verbal gesture, importance of three phases of case witnessing to capture such unique pattern, importance of mother’s pregnancy history to explore unique energy pattern of child, importance of repertorisation to be IN SYNC with core understanding of the patient (prioritizing individualistic expression at the holistic level while rubric formation). The girl was cured with Lachesis!
  • In, the third case, the lady suffered from Endometriosis. In this case, Visualization technique of Dissociation was used to crack the case ‘til core. From this case we learned WHICH case demands a particular case witnessing technique, in WHICH PHASE of the case to apply it, WHAT technique, and HOW to use the technique in a given case to reach the deepest core with ease and success. The lady responded wonderfully to Lithium Muriaticum.
  • The last case shown by Dr. Chauhan suffered from Migraine and the patient received and responded to his simmillumum DNA. The case again immerged to be a unique one because he did not speak of the vital sensation or experience in the entire case. The underlying perception in every life situation became the focus that lead to Mind-Body connection and lead to the simillimum.
  • Potency selection, Usage of LM potency in a case, with relation to the pathology (reversible or irreversible), and level of experience of the patient were discussed in detail.

Hence, the journey that we left at the second session this series was extended further and was taken to a different height; what made the entire show more interesting was to witness the individualized difficulty each case carried along and the individual solution provided by the flexible tenor of the case witnessing and its three steps with utter scientisificity, simplicity and uniqueness. It was simple to follow that when the case witnessing process came to the rescue, it became easy to follow what is the difficulty in a case, How much is the difficulty, and how to rectify the difficulty to unlock the door to the individualistic expression at the holistic level of the patient with clarity in the process.

When similar energies meet at a common point, a beautiful pattern of energy field is created which leads everyone into a holistically healing experience; this session proved to be one such platform for a holistic experience for everyone. The group departed with the promise to keep up the qualitative work and keep discussing their doubts and difficulties to come up with solutions to make practice of Homoeopathy a true healing art for the patient and the practitioner together so that the higher purpose of existence is fulfilled.

Dr. Urvi Chauhan and Dr. Rina Dedhia