Review of july 2011-session 1 of Magic of Basic season 3 ABJF

 Session of Blending Science with Art

Art of Case Witnessing Process

Date: 22 and 23rd July 2011 Venue: Manas Mandir, Shahpur

Number of Participants: 94

The first Session of Magic of Basic (season III) was truly a perfect amalgam of Art and Science, be that the workshop- topic i.e. Scientifically Intuitive Case Witnessing Process (which in itself is an amalgam of art with science) or be that the two fun-filled learning days of the entire workshop.

Also, this workshop witnessed a unique phenomenon of “Unity in Diversity” where participants from various parts of India such as Tamil Nadu, Vishakhapatnam, Chennai, Baroda, Beed, Ahmednagar, Mumbai, and Pune gathered together on the same platform to learn from and participate in the process of case witnessing.

Workshop Highlights:

  1. The road began with the doubts arising in the practitioners mind regarding his clinical practise, his difficulties while taking cases, and other conceptual difficulties.
  2. While answering the doubts Dr. Chauhan took everyone in the journey to the Scientifically Intuitive Case Witnessing Process, right from Hahnemannian era; Dr. Chauhan explained how the case witnessing process helps to have a beautiful amalgamation of Science and Art to bring forth the deepest core in each patient.
  3. The fundamental aspect of Case Witnessing Process was explained with respect to three of its steps namely Passive, Active and Active-Active case witnessing process. Each step was explained in detail with respect to their importance, aims, and application.
  4. The whole understanding was backed up by cases, which clearly explained that how the process is very scientific at the same time easy and reproducible.
  5. The first case (case of Citrus Vulgaris) shown by Dr. Chauhan demonstrated how to handle cases where in patient talks about emotions and where the focus in the case isn’t clear; how to clearly understand the sensation, the kingdom, subkingdom, source, and ultimately the simillimum with three steps of case witnessing in such cases offered a good learning since practically we end up having such cases the most in our clinical practice; the case was backed up by follow ups too!
  6. The second case of Mercurialis Sulphuricum demonstrated the use of Denial technique in the case witnessing process; it helped to understand how to handle cases where the patient denies about himself; Dr. Chauhan also explained in brief about the dealing of cases where patient avoids, intellectualizes, or projects their feelings /delusions /sensation.
  7. Two short cases of children beautifully demonstrated the use of doodles in case witnessing in order to reach the core of the child; “the Language is no bar to the healer” was the lesson we learned through these two cases of Dr. Chauhan.
  8. 8. The on-going learning to reach the deepest core of patients with the help of the case witnessing process on day One ended with a fun-filled activity of T-Shirt Painting; the message of balancing the science with the art projected by scientifically intuitive case witnessing process was subjected to its best practical possibility with this activity; this activity brought out the artistic persona in everybody and their love for homoeopathy. But more importantly, through this activity, the diverse groups of homoeopaths were made mingle with each other to stand holding their hands and be a part of the growing family of ABJF in particular and the united family of homoeopathy in general.


Thus, the two day of workshop helped to have fundamentals of scientifically intuitive case witnessing process clear; it was easy to follow that the Case Witnessing Process is-

  • A simple and scientific method in reaching the deepest core of the patient with a ease,
  • Flexibility enough to allow the individualization to each case.


The session ended with the enthusiasm to meet again for the 2nd session, to take the journey ahead from where we stopped, to further discover the finer aspects of the case witnessing process in order to evolve Further and Together on the path of discovering the ultimate truth of human core, matter and beyond!

Reviewed by Dr. Rina Dedhia