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“The difference between theory and practice in theory is much less than the difference between theory and practice in practice.”

 Several seminars and workshops held in the field of Homoeopathy by various teachers disseminate the most recent advances in the world of Homoeopathy. This stirs the enthusiasm of participants making them eager to go back to their practice and apply it with renewed vigor.


It has been our observation over a period of time that many of the participants face difficulties applying these learning in the process of Case witnessing in the beginning because it demands the scientific art and skill from their side, which cannot be taught in a theory class or/a seminar .


This Course brings an opportunity to sharpen your skills and develop an art to receive your cases better each time by traveling the journey of Case witnessing and resolving process (Case- Taking) with us with live as well as video cases. The vital feature about this course is it entirely being a tailor made course designed in a fashion where the entire discussion is centered on the need of the attending participants.


Course details :
It begins with an open exchange upon what attending participant needs from the course, the further discussion heads from this point. Besides, you also participate in the cases taken by Dr.Dinesh Chauhan, as an observer in the Clinic (hence the name “Clinical Course”) which is followed by the discussion upon travel of the case that specifically includes -

discussion upon your ( observer's ) thought process upon the case and that of Dinesh's

Discussion upon the Case witnessing process [Passive, Active, Active active case witnessing Process. Plus various case witnessing techniques such as Focusing, denial, projection, rationalisation, etc. etc. - depending upon the case-demand ]

Dinesh’s thought upon the case management- remedy, potency, repetition, follow up criteria- etc.etc.

Other topics that helps to master the art of Case- Taking further.

Course Schedule for  : Two week course

Course Particulars :

Course fees: 70 USD per day 
Course Location:

Swasthya Homoeopathic Healing
B/1, Ground Floor, New Putlibai Kapol Niwas, Beside Toyota car showroom, S.V.Road, Vile Parle (west), Mumbai-400056
Telephone: + 91 22 2620 8881 / 2892 7642


Accommodation in Mumbai city :
Hotel accommodation in the vicinity of the clinic ranges from approximately US$ 15 per day (basic) to US$ 80 per day. Alternatively paying guest accommodation would cost approximately US$150 per month plus brokerage.


Course Enrollment details :
To enroll yourselves, you can contact Dr. Urvi Chauhan on-
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,

These topics are :
1] Preparing for the Act: Knowing the concepts

A constructive Journey from symptom to pattern from Hahnemann’s era till today.

In tune with Universe: Knowledge of touched and more so untouched universal laws that shapes up and authenticate homoeopathic science.

Physics and homoeopathy: Two side of the same coin.

Disease: An Altered Pattern of vibration.

Vital Sensation: the whole process and latest developments.

Mind and Body-a connecting thread to the deeper core.

The complete journey of the traditional to contemporary miasms (Coping-up mechanisms) and its practical applicability.

Techniques to study materia medica and repertory in order to find whole pattern of Kingdom, sub-kingdom and individual remedy.


2] Ready for the Act: Case Witnessing

The journey of case witnessing process from symptoms to altered vibration pattern.

Exploration of a case: knowing the way a patient thinks, feels, perceives senses, reacts and copes with his illness, himself and the whole world around.

Exploration of local, general and vital areas in a case to find the common thread.

Understanding kingdoms, subkingdom and source in a case.

Instructions: that help
- To know the authenticity of source.
- To understand the completion of case exploration and thus to end the Act.

3] Mastering the Act: Fighting odds :

Different tools that helps in case witnessing to explore deeper levels with relative ease: Active, Passive, Active-Active, Projection, Imagination, Focusing, Dissociation etc.

Finding an appropriate tool for the operational success (Case): To avoid disasters such as using a sward to cut vegetables and using a kitchen knife to kill a tiger!

Exploring the altered pattern through the means of non-verbal expressions like gestures, drawings, etc.

Techniques to reach to the source.

4] Completing the Act :

Approach of searching a match for the altered pattern of the patient from materia medica, repertory and/ natural habitat.

Explanation of kingdoms such as Plant, Mineral, Animal, Nosodes, Sarcodes and Imponderabilia that the case demands.

Explanation of Source.

Potency selection with reasoning.

Case management and remedy repetition in subsequent follow ups with scientific explanations.

(It is possible for the participants to select topics of their choice depending upon their need from any of these.)


Faculties and Organizers :
Dr. Dinesh Chauhan and
Dr. Urvi Chauhan





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