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Taking a pleasure to announce the launch of our New book:
From Treating to transforming, Choose Homeopathy: a designer's approach for your child.
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MARGOT MAIDMENT (Book Review in 'The Homeopath' Summer 2013):  "I would highly recommend this (Scientifically Intuitive...)book to anyone who is interested in how the sensation method has been developed and is currently being practiced."

Dr. Ranga Rajan (Tamilnadu, India): “one of the master work in homeopathy i personally feel.. and many students liked this work ..it is at the basic level and with great clarity.. must read book

Barbara Lowry (USA): “Both books are what homeopaths need right now - practical, how-to's.“

Barbara Lowry (USA): "You've created a case taking structure for the Sensation method that is linear, sensible and elegantly simple to apply under any circumstances."

Dr. Ashish Mehta “No words to express the experience.  thank you very much for writing such topics in your book- “Healing the Healer" and “A story of a Healer"

Dr. Rina Dedhia: I especially like the language of the book and oompho too, it is very fresh, and very reader friendly the best part is that anecdotes and dohas in between and oompho make the book a little lighter to read ...

Rona Welson: After this, I feel there was a breakthrough in my understanding. I finally got it! I do understand now why and where to put questions.

Atul Patwardhan: The only word in which i can describe the book is divine.... it is such a treasure of knowledge..... it is a tool that is going to change the life of so many physicians... the way in which you both have crafted every page of the book is but visible.... hats off.......

Rebecca Williams: It was the deepening understanding of the concept of witnessing that opened a door for me to start being able to discriminate between the refrain of the 'human story'...

This book (Case Witnessing Process)  is full of joy and open secrets of the case witnessing. It is a new must for homeopath. Masahiro Nagamatsu (Japan)

Liane Saak: "I studied your book ... it is really very very nice to read it, I used it as a concrete schooling for myself. Yesterday I then took the first Anamneses with a child in your way and I am simply HAPPY how it worked!"

Dr. Sarika "I really liked the book, it is very useful for me and has increased my confidence in children case taking."

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Doug Brown: Every homeopath who aspires to apply the insights of the Sensation Method to children should read and study this book. It will delight you!... 

Kaare Troelsen: Dr Chauhans Case-Witnessing Process is a simple, ingenious, incredible flexible, powerful as well as subtle method.

Kaare Troelsen: With this tool the patient will himself lead you to his center and reveal the remedy needed.

Kaare Troelsen: Moreover, by connecting to his center the awareness created will start a healing process even before the homeopathic remedy is given.

Kaare Troelsen: This CWP method has the potential to create a “like- cures-like” state in the patient by letting him become aware of his inner state and express it in words.

Deborah Collins: The indisputable value of the book is in providing clear entrances into the inner life of our young patients, allowing the remedy to speak for itself.

Deborah Collins: The clear step by step approach of the method allows a great depth of inquiry into children’s cases and the possibility of finding unfamiliar remedies.

Ulrike Schroede:Dinesh´s art of case witnessing is like an Organon for the sensation method."

Masahiro Nagamatsu: "Dr.Dinesh Chauhan is a complete breath of fresh air in homeopathy. This book is full of joy and open secrets of the case witnessing. It is a new must for homeopath."



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A Wander with a Little Wonder: Child-Centric Case WitnessingScientific and Human Centric Approach of Case Witnessing Process

From Vital Force To Vital Sensation-  A Connecting Bridge
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From Vital Force To Vital Sensation- A Connecting Bridge

Price: USD 38.00

Set Of Two DVDs (duration 106 and 107 minutes respectively).
Published by Philosia Publications (Dr. Urvi Chauhan).
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Set Of Two DVDs (duration 106 and 107 minutes respectively)
Published by Philosia Publications (Dr. Urvi Chauhan)

These sets of two DVDs feature the missing link between the Old classic and the New classic approach to the Homoeopathic science; it presents a connecting bridge from Vital Principle of Hahnemann’s era till the Vital sensation of today’s time.
The fundamentals of Human being, Health, Disease and the Vital Sensation are explained with the help of Universal laws and Physics in the present DVDs, which has made the entire approach of vital sensation easy to follow and reproduce.
While DVD 1 (106 Minutes duration) features all these theory with interesting power point presentation, DVD 2 (107 minutes duration) presents the practical illustrations of ideas presented via featuring video case.


"Dinesh has clarity of vision and is an excellent communicator. His homeopathy is excellent...." Misha Norland

The step-by-step laws and philosophy helped to clarify the confusion that once was.Dr. Ashok Rajguru

Dr. Chauhan succeeded in showing us how “The Sensational method” could be practiced in very easy and clear ways. Before his presentation, I had never seen this approach so easy to follow.”   Boris Shoitov

I have clearer ideas of where I have problems with this sensation method and what to do - also the method now appears much more possible.
your systematic approach was very impressive to me. This made me realize that I can also walk on the path of homoeopathy with ease.

the way that Dinesh explains is simple and understandable, the combination of philosophy, video cases and questions is a winning combination and contains everything a beginner homeopath needs. I learned a lot, I was inspired and I enjoyed it at the same time.Shelley (Israel)

An excellent homoeopath and easy to follow and clear lecturer,  Dinesh is also a delightful man ,very sensitive and easier in many ways than the others. Janet Snowden


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