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Dr. Dinesh Chauhan was honoured with the prestogious – ‘Mahatma Gandhi PravasiSamman 2014’at the Global Achievers conclave 2014 

Dr. Urvi received prestigious "Indira Gandhi Shiromani Award" by cabinet ministries 




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"What I appreciate about the treatment is that Dr. Urvi studied in depth my personality type and is treating me accordingly. Not only has my allergy reduced, I am finding positive changes in my personality as well as reduced stress levels. The treatment has a holistic approach towards the patient." 
Mrs. P.W.K.

"Also, the medicines are not strong and I have not felt any side effects. Earlier, the anti-allergy medicines that I used to take used to make me very drowsy and tired. I am very optimistic that the treatment will not only reduce my allergy but also I will have a healthy body and healthy mind." 
Mrs. P.W.K.


Amani Elshimi: I have become very curious about the remedy I've taken because I have generally become better - a good feeling of well-being and a positive attitude. I've repeated the remedy only once after 4 months of first taking it. Even my dreams have improved.

hello, it was good to have my treatment with swasthya.i want to thank the team of swasthya for taking care of my family and going an extra mile...always....

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A case of Skin Cancer -squamous cell carcinoma....By Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

skin cancer by Dr DineshPatient Mr.H.S, aged 54 years came with squamous cell carcinoma ( skin cancer). 

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Case Of Lichen

Planus_Before Planus_after

Case of Lichen Plannus by Dr. Urvi Chauhan


This 46 year old lady came to me with complaint of Diabetes, hypertension (BP) and lichen plannus spread over her feet (see the picture). This lady was a perfect example of a "Good daughter in law" of the house who kept suppressing her emotions, kept all the stress that she felt under the cover and kept a smile over her face all the time. Slowly, gradually her emotionally imbalanced self expressed through all the disease i mentioned above. Specificaaly, Lichen plannus is a Psycho-somatic disorder; meaning a patient who is very sensitive emotionally if keep suppressing her/his emotional stress. can become a victim to such skin pathology in a long run of her/his life.  

This lady respond wonderfully to the carefully chosen homeopathic medication after her case study; her Diabetes came under control which other wise failed to respond to her allopathic drugs, her hypertension also came under control and finally her Lichen Plannus vanished completely. when she left my homeopathic treatment, she was off all her allopathic medications that she used for Diabetes and BP with normal blood report of her sugar and controlled BP.