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He was just 31 when he approached me with his psoriasis,  hypertension and chronic Bronchial asthma. 

He worked in a BPO. In this young age, with working in wee hours, constant stress, and irregular diet habits, he suffered hypertension and was already put on allopathic medications for the same. He also suffered from psoriasis over all 4 his limbs, chest, for seven months. Plus, he had long standing bronchial asthma for past 20 years for which he was on Rota cap inhaler.

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Homoeopathy: a holistic way of understanding and treating your child

green-plant-thumb7664189-255x249 Homoeopathy can become one of the preferred methods of treatment especially for children. It treats the child as a whole rather than just one symptom, therefore a homoeopathic practitioner observes the child in terms of overall appearance and behavior patterns including emotions and communication skills.


The physical, emotional and mental characteristic history is elicited by interviewing the child himself as well as the parents. A detailed account of the child‟s complaints is taken especially the unusual symptoms are noted. For instance; a teething infant may be angry about the pain, or clingy and whining. There may be associated fever or bowel irregularities.

Homoeopathic treatments are always tailored to the individual child, as each will express his/her state in their own way.


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