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He was just 31 when he approached me with his psoriasis,  hypertension and chronic Bronchial asthma. 

He worked in a BPO. In this young age, with working in wee hours, constant stress, and irregular diet habits, he suffered hypertension and was already put on allopathic medications for the same. He also suffered from psoriasis over all 4 his limbs, chest, for seven months. Plus, he had long standing bronchial asthma for past 20 years for which he was on Rota cap inhaler.

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Milk - A product for "Health" or "Wealth" - What if you decide

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Milk - A product for "Health" or "Wealth"
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What if you decide "NO Milk":" better health through better alternatives"

The question arises in our mind is, 'what if I stop drinking milk?'

Will I/ my child not suffer from calcium deficiency?

It specifically troubles mind of a vegetarian and specifically to  mothers.

The answer to these are- simple: We have better options of all the nutrients available from whole plant food that we are illusioned to be present in milk. 

"Cow's milk is not the evil villain it is portrayed to be," says Brenda Davis, Past Chair of the Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association. "But I feel strongly that it is not essential for human health – in fact we can get the nutrients from milk in foods that provide even greater health benefits, such as greens."

Robert Heaney, a leading calcium scientist, seconds that emotion: "The sheer quantity of calcium in dairy products certainly makes them attractive sources, but they have no monopoly on calcium. There's no reason in the world why you couldn't get an adequate intake from a vegetable source."

Nondairy sources of highly absorbable calcium:  Calciuminfographicsmall

Sesame seeds

Dark leafy greens (except oxalate-rich spinach),




Brussels sprouts,

Whole sesame seeds

For vitamin D:

Sunshine and


supplements (under your doctor's recomendation)

Also, 229259 10151173778743706 1474676658 n

Sesame milk, rice milk, oat milk, almond milk, groundnut milk are other healthier alternatives.

Soya milk and all its milk products [Tofu, curd etc] are also a good substitute. 

Coconut milk

Various nut butters like peanut butter, sesame butter, almond butter, cashew and sunflower seed butter are easy to make at home for use on bread.


The main difficulty lies in making choices and appropriate changes. Most of us are slaves to our palates. However a web search will yield a host of vegan recipes with alternatives for almost all daily items.

In today's world, where we claim ourselves of being learned and aware about various issues, moving towards spirituality, a question arises is -

- "Is Today's milk really Health-offering?"

Does this question require more investigation?

Should we be selfish enough to think only about our "health and Interests" by over looking all different aspects it carries including the mercy and suffering of millions of other lives?  moo omm

What is my role as a human being for a cause that concerns thousands of other sentient lives?

time to give these a thought and some conscious consideration...

Dr. Urvi  Chauhan

PS: For Milk alternatives stay tuned to my FB page where i post many dairy- free delicious recipes or google  

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